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Newspaper congress focuses on press freedom

[31/05/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Freedom of the press and the role of traditional print media in a rapidly digitalising media environment were the main themes as the biggest annual event for the global newspaper industry opened in Seoul on 30 May. Readmore...

Gender equality in the media

[31/05/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Women journalists urged media leaders across Europe on 30 May to strengthen gender equality in media as part of a campaign to improve working and living conditions of women in the expanding European Union. Readmore...

Iraqi journalists complain of US censorship

[31/05/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Iraqi journalists say they are being censored by the US-led Coalition forces and the Iraqi government because of the topics covered by them in newspapers and on television.  Readmore...

European papers go tabloid

[31/05/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
As US newspaper publishers battle plummeting sales and daunting credibility problems, they might look across the Atlantic for rescue from their plight.  Readmore...

Job cuts at Times and Globe

[31/05/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
The New York Times Co. will shed 190 employees, mostly at its flagship newspaper, the company announced o­n 25 May.  Readmore...

Newspaper circulation and advertising up worldwide

[30/05/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
The circulation of newspapers in the world increased strongly in the year 2004, the World Association of Newspapers announced on 30 May. Readmore...

UK papers seize on French "Non"

[30/05/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
The French "Non" to the European constitution whips many British newspapers into a frenzy. The Times says the campaign in France had "all but demolished the shaky authority of President Chirac". Readmore...

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