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News >> World Last updated on: 2006-05-29 04:58:07

Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV'

[29/05/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
Federal authorities are actively investigating dozens of American television stations for broadcasting items produced by the Bush administration and major corporations, and passing them off as normal news. Readmore...

Intelligence Service report confirms BND spied on reporters

[29/05/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
The German government's parliamentary committee has confirmed allegations that Foreign Intelligence Agency (BND) agents illegally spied on journalists to expose their sources. Readmore...

Broadcasters struggle to adapt to new world of digital TV

[04/05/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
Mark Thompson warned the BBC risks 'losing a generation forever' if it does not adapt to the rapidly changing broadcasting world. Unveiling the findings of a year-long creative review, the director general said the BBC must work harder to appeal to younger audiences by developing new broadband, mobile and interactive services, as well as overhauling its television and radio output. Readmore...

Cuba denounces US media aggression

[04/05/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
Cuba has accused the US of having increased funds to promote a 'radio- electronic war' against the island nation. During debates at the UN General Assembly's information committee, Cuban Ambassador Rodrigo Malmierca noted that the US' 2006 budget allocated USD 37m (EUR 30m) for anti-Cuban propaganda through its Radio-TV Marti, USD 10m (EUR 8m) more than in 2004, reports said.  Readmore...

Malaysia to host int'l workshop on reporting religion

[04/05/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
An upcoming workshop in Malaysia aims to help journalists from national broadcasters meet the challenge of covering religious issues in a sensitive way. The workshop is scheduled for May 28. Readmore...

Non-aligned news agency starts online service

[04/05/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
An international news agency that pools the efforts of state-run media in developing countries launched an online service earlier this month. The government news agencies cooperating on the project say the service will help correct the "unfair" coverage from Western media. Readmore...

India gets 2 more news channels

[31/03/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
Two news channels set to debut in India on Monday will cater to the ever-growing demand for information in regional languages instead of the dominant Hindi or English. Both channels will broadcast exclusively in Bengali, a language spoken primarily in eastern India. Readmore...

French students protest at AFP's coverage

[31/03/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
Around 50 students broke into the headquarters of the French international news agency Agence France Presse (AFP) on Tuesday evening to protest at coverage of their demonstrations against a contested youth jobs law. Readmore...

Top UN prize to Lebanese journalist

[31/03/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
A Lebanese journalist who lost one of her hands and her left leg in a car bomb attack last September has won a top United Nations prize celebrating freedom of the press. Readmore...

Journalist released unharmed in Iraq

[31/03/2006 - Vietnamjournalism]
American reporter Jill Carroll was set free Thursday, nearly three months after she was kidnapped in a bloody ambush that killed her translator. She said she had been treated well. Readmore...

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