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News Last updated on: 2006-10-14 07:29:15

World: Internet groups fall prey to traditional media

[13/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Traditional media companies have stepped up purchases of internet rivals, with the value of public transactions so far this year standing at nearly 824 million, more than double the total value of public acquisitions made in 2004. Readmore...

World: TV media focus on South China

[13/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Media staff from ten countries jointly started shooting TV programs in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in an effort to make its tourism resources and business opportunities better known to the world. Readmore...

World: Digital TV in 60% of UK households

[13/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
More than 60% of British homes now have digital television, latest figures have revealed. In the first three months of this year, the number of UK households with digital TV grew by 643,517 to hit 15.4 million. Readmore...

Vietnam: HCMC TV channel airs 24/7

[13/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
HTV7, a television channel in Ho Chi Minh City, became the first channel in Vietnam that airs 24 hours a day and seven days a week from the 1st of June. Readmore...

Vietnam: Course on photography for disabled

[07/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
The Special View, a training course on photography for people with disabilities, began in Ha Noi on May 21, according to the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in Ha Noi. Readmore...

Vietnam: VTV joins regional countries in making television film

[07/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
In Beijing on May 11, a delegation of Viet Nam Television led by Deputy General Director Tran Binh Minh signed an agreement to make a television documentary film titled "Lanshang-Mekong River", with media representatives of China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Readmore...

Vietnam: US television station airs film on Viet Nam

[07/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
The US television station PBS has broadcast a documentary entitled "Viet Nam: the next generation," directed by Sandy Northrop. Readmore...

Vietnam: Swedish group continues training for Vietnamese journalists

[06/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
As part of its recently renewed training program in Vietnam, a Swedish institute plans several journalism courses for later this year. The Institute for the Further Education of Journalists (FOJO) announced in January that it would continue its training project in Vietnam for another three years, through 2007. In total, the plans include about 40 various courses over 146 weeks of training. Readmore...

Vietnam: Tuoi Tre got most "yes" votes

[06/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper was the first choice of many people in the morning in a recent poll by Vietnam Journalism while its rival, Thanh Nien (Young People) ranks fourth. Readmore...

World: Online journalism less prestigious?

[06/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Two thirds of greatreporter.com's readers say that print journalism is still more prestigious than its online counterpart. Readmore...

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