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News Last updated on: 2006-10-14 07:29:15

World: Kremlin buys daily newspaper to extend media control

[06/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Russias state controlled gas giant, is to buy Izvestia, the respected daily newspaper, in what is seen as a move by the Kremlin to extend its media controls to the printed press. Readmore...

World: Reuters is let down by research

[03/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
News and information provider Reuters yesterday revealed details of its divisional profits for the first time, with margins of 16 per cent to 17 per cent at its two biggest units but losses at another. Readmore...

Israel Epstein - passionate communist journalist dies at 90

[03/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Israel Epstein, a journalist, author and propagandist for China whose passion for Communism was fueled in long interviews with Mao in the 1940's and was not dimmed by imprisonment during the Cultural Revolution, died last Thursday at a hospital in Beijing. Readmore...

World: Did President Bush shun female reporters?

[03/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
At the George Bush press conference on 31 May, female correspondents were smarting from what they perceived as possible presidential gender bias. Readmore...

Inside Out: What foreigners want from Vietnamese newspapers

[02/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
What foreigners want from Vietnamese newspapers
Foreigners are hungry for information about Vietnam. Foreigners want to know what the government is doing, how the economy is changing, and how the lives of ordinary Vietnamese people are changing.  Businessmen in particular, need accurate facts, about social changes, as well as economic and business changes.  Readmore...

World: Newspapers face up to new media

[02/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Newspapers are far from dead, despite the challenge from online news, media executives have been told. Readmore...

World: Deep Throat no longer anonymous source

[02/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
One of the most enduring mysteries of the 20th century was solved on 31 May with the unmasking of Deep Throat, the legendary source who leaked the secrets of the Watergate scandal and helped bring down President Richard Nixon.  Readmore...

Scholarships/Awards: VJ awarded scholarships to 5 students in Hanoi

[01/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Five students of the Journalism School under the National University in Hanoi have been awarded scholarships in March by Vietnam Journalism for their excellence in study. Readmore...

Vietnam: Saigon daily inserts two more pages

[01/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
Saigon Giai Phong Daily (Saigon's Liberation) starts circulating a ten-page newspaper today with a promise that there will be more fresh news on various topics. Readmore...

Vietnam: HCMC stopped 4 illegal websites

[01/06/2005 - Vietnamjournalism]
The Ho Chi Minh City authorities warned operators of four websites to stop uploading contents onto the net as none of them has license issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information, said a popular local online paper.  Readmore...

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