Gởi các phát thanh viên VTV

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Gởi các phát thanh viên VTV

Gửi bàigửi bởi henry_tom vào ngày 29 Tháng 6 2006 10:30

các bạn phát thanh viên nên nói chậm mà chắc một chút. nói nhanh quá và bậy nữa trong chương trình thời sự VTV là không được. Sáng 26/06/2006 chị phát thanh chương trình điểm báo tin buổi sáng VTV1 lại nói rằng tranh cãi tại Iran sẽ làm giá dầu tăng hơn 100 đô la một ngày!!! sau đó là tổ chức thương mại quốc tế WHO làm tui thất vọng quá.........còn bản tin thời sự buổi tối 22 giờ trên VTV2 thì tiếng một nơi chữ một ngã không câu cú gì cả????
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Gửi bàigửi bởi matnau vào ngày 19 Tháng 8 2008 21:31

Hiện nay VTC cũng có thêm nhiều chtr chính luận như Bản tin tổng hợp, VN online, bình luận trực tiếp Góc nhìn thẳng.... Mọi người nghĩ sao về các MC, PTV của VTC?
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Gửi bàigửi bởi Unrenewaccons vào ngày 17 Tháng 7 2011 08:26

Distance Learning is a popular choice for many school students these days. In spite of everything, what might be extra handy than taking a school course from the consolation of your private home (or dorm … or office …) pc?

While distance learning has grown tremendously over the last few years, it is still a relatively new means of instruction.

And educating online requires different abilities and expectations than instructing in a classroom. Many school members are hesitant to be taught these skills. But merely placing just a few notes and other supplies from a classroom does not make for a very effective on-line experience.

What are the three most important skills that it's good to be a truly outstanding on-line instructor?

1) It's essential to communicate incessantly with the students.
Frequent communication does NOT imply that you have to be online every hour of every day. Nevertheless it does mean that you want to keep up a correspondence with students frequently. How incessantly? At the very least every different day. Rather than teaching in 2-4 hour blocks in a single day, like you would with many college lessons, spend 15-45 minutes a day answering emails and monitoring your online course. On the finish of the week, the time spent instructing online needs to be much like the amount of time spent educating in a classroom.

2) Be organized & be clear
Let college students know from the beginning precisely what is predicted of them. And set the ground guidelines for the course. Let students know how typically you may be on-line, in order that they don’t anticipate an instantaneous response regardless of the time of day. Explain to college students how they will be graded, how rapidly they are going to receive suggestions, how they need to submit assignments, how they need to contact you, etc. The extra students know ahead of time, the much less time you’ll spend responding to problems.

3) Have interaction the scholars within the studying
Lecturing and testing are commonplace in many campus courses (not they there necessarily promote efficient studying, however that’s one other story!).
Instructing online provides the opportunity to achieve college students in many various methods – initiatives, discussions, comparing ideas, sharing knowledge with different students. Use as many various methods as attainable to interact college students, and promote energetic learning. Without the confines of time which can be current in a campus course, and with the flexibility to share and talk about ideas on-line, not making good use of those opportunities leads to lost “studying moments”.

There isn't any higher technique to learn to teach on-line than to learn online – so, earlier than you determine to teach online, take an online course yourself.

You’ll understand what it's like to be taught from a distance, without an instructor standing in entrance of you. You’ll understand what it is prefer to have to wait for solutions to your questions. And also you’ll be taught more about how the technology can HELP you teach.

You definitely DO NOT need to be a technical skilled to show online. But you have to be:

• snug with the Web
• conversant in sending and receiving electronic mail
• able to spend some time setting up your course for the primary time
• conscious that turning into an efficient on-line teacher takes a while (usually several courses)
• excited about learning a new talent that can show you how to!

Some will say there isn't a substitute for seeing the scholar’s faces. Others will notice that many students will flourish as a result of they have extra time to prepare thoughtful answers, and gained’t be petrified of talking up in front of a giant group.

Instructing online can be very exciting, and really rewarding, as long as you are prepared!The story is all too familiar to people who drop out of excessive school. Many have low-paying jobs or no jobs at all. And when they attempt to study a trade or get a certificates to enter a profession with respectable pay, they find out a harsh fact - all skilled or submit-secondary faculties require a high school diploma.

Three women in New York Metropolis - Lillian Betancourt, 37, Latoya Abrams, 21, and Shereen France, forty one - all discovered themselves in the sort of irritating situation.

After years of making an attempt to pay payments on time and simply getting by, these girls determined to turn their lives round and get highschool diplomas.

Through advertisements and word of mouth, the ladies found Careertel, which represents the Liberty Excessive Faculty Diploma Program. This distance-learning program enables adults to earn their high school diplomas while they continue to work and attend to their other obligations.

"Location, working hours, age provide no barrier for serious, motivated distance-studying students," said Jerome Polvay, president of Careertel.

Approved by the Vermont State Board of Schooling, Liberty High Faculty allows college students to control the tempo at which they study. Material is supplied for each class and all assignments and exams are completed at home. If college students want tutoring, faculty advisers provide help over the phone. Also, credit score is given for courses they beforehand completed.

Now, with their highschool diplomas in hand, the long run appears to be like very promising for the women. The truth is, all three at the moment are in search of higher education. Betancourt is learning criminal regulation in New York, Abrams will attend Georgia Faculty & State University, and France can be attending nursing faculty in New York.

"Finally I really feel necessary," mentioned Betancourt.
The philosophy of law is a fancy and in depth study, which requires an intimate data of the legal course of on the whole as well as a philosophical mind. For hundreds of years, the scope and nature of regulation has been debated and argued from varied view points, and intense mental dialogue has arisen from the basic query of 'what's law'. In response, a number of main schools of thought have been born, of which the pure legislation students and positivists are two of essentially the most notable. These two camps hold strictly contrasting views over the position and performance of law in certain circumstances, and have provided in themselves platforms for criticism and debated which continue to be relevant today.
Although the classifications of natural regulation and positivism are incessantly used, you will need to keep in mind that they cowl a very wide selection of educational opinion. Even within every camp, there are these veering in direction of extra liberal or extra conservative understandings, and there may be additionally naturally a grey area. Having mentioned that, academics and philosophers might be enveloped by one of many classes on the idea of certain elementary rules within their writings and opinions.
Natural law has at all times been linked to extremely-human considerations, that is to say a spiritual or moral influence determinant of their understandings of the way legislation operates. One of the founding ideas is that an immoral law can be no legislation in any respect, on the premise that a government wants ethical authority to have the ability to legislate. Because of this, natural regulation theories have been used to justify anarchy and disorder at ground level. This had result in widespread criticism of the pure law principles, which have needed to be refined and developed to suit with fashionable thinking. On the flip side, natural legislation has been used as a definitive method of serving 'justice' to conflict criminals and former-dictators after their reign.

A number of the strongest criticisms of natural regulation have come from the positivist camp. Positivism holds at its centre the belief that law isn't affected by morality, but in essence is the supply of moral considerations. As a result of morality is a subjective concept, positivism suggests that the legislation is the supply of morality, and that no extra-authorized considerations needs to be taken in to account. Positivism has been criticised for permitting extremism and unjust actions by means of law. It has additionally been prompt that positivism in its strictest sense is flawed as a result of it ignores the depth and breadth of language in authorized enactment, which implies the constructive law might be learn in several lights primarily based on differing meanings of the identical word. Regardless of this, positivism has been seen as one of many fundamental authorized theories in the improvement of recent authorized philosophy over the last few a long time, and is profitable widespread favour by means of a recent academic revival.Pure law and positivism have been the subject of an ongoing academic debate into the nature of law and its role within society. Both respective authorized colleges have criticised and built on one and others theories and principles to create a extra sophisticated philosophical understanding of the authorized construct. Though the talk is ready to proceed with a new generation of promising authorized theorists, both natural law and positivism have gained widespread respect for his or her consistency and shut analyses of the construction of law.
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